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Interesting Facts About Photo Blankets


It is interesting to have a blanket decorated with pictures of your loved ones.  This is made possible by designing a large piece of fabric with pictures and images that have special memories.  A photo blanket can be designed using a thick cloth illustrating objects, symbols or even people.  It is also a form of art which has been used historically for storytelling.  In addition to this, photo blankets can be personalized so as to be given to special people in your lives, as gifts.


Subsequently, since the living standards of people have improved, blankets have been turned into decorative materials that people love, unlike the traditional image of a blanket.  Technology has also improved and photos can be printed with a lot of clarity.  With this, photo custom blankets are being decorated in various styles which are personalized according to individual taste.


These blankets can be used in the living room to cuddle up.  It comes in handy during the cold season to snuggle in for warmth.  In addition to this, it may also be used as coverings for furniture which will be part of the d?cor displaying nice images.  During weddings or birthdays parties, photo blankets can be personalized to include images of the people that you are making the gift for.  The same can also be done during anniversary parties and for the Christmas season. For more facts about photography, visit this website at


Photo blankets is a good way to keep precious memories close to your heart.  By use of a computer, a picture is scanned and the computer uses a software which makes it possible to transfer the image to a piece of cloth.  To weave the image into the blanket fabric from this website, computerized weaving looms are used.  This makes it possible for the image to remain the same even after washing for several years; the colors won't fade.  After transferring the image from the computer to the fabric shading, text bordering and coloring may be added onto the image.


For the woven and knitted photo blankets, they are produced in an almost similar manner.  Both of them use acrylic and cotton yarns.  The knitted blanket photo is usually knitted into the fabric directly as you would do with a sweater.  For a woven photo blanket from, a digital software is used to create a pattern using several yarns that are interlaced at ninety-degree angles.  There is also the latest type of photo blanket which is the dyed photo blanket.  A digital image is used to print dye onto a particular fabric, which creates a very clear and sharp picture.